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Anionic Hydrophilic Cream TMF - 1 KG

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If the active ingredient to be added to the Buffered Cetomacrogol Cream is a phenolic substance (such as resorcine, hydroquinone, etc), one can use Anionic Hydrophillic Cream instead of the Buffered Cetomacrogol Cream.

White, homogenous, shiny cream, can be easily washed off.

Emulsion type:
Oil in water emulsion, anionic.

pH between 6 and 8.

1 kg jar with safety seal
This is our standard anionic cream that can be washed off using water. The formula contains glycerine instead of propylene glycol (in Beeler Basis) so is more skin-friendly.

Incompatible with cationic materials.

Methylparaben and propylparaben

PS: Anionic Hydrophilic Cream is identical to the Cetylcream of FN VI (Cetylcream Pannoc NV).

Content: 1 KG

CNK: 1762-657

Shelf life: 36M

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