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Carbomere TMF - 1 KG

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Compatible with most nonionic compounds. The exception to this is that it is compatible with lidocaine HCL.
Further, bacitracine, benzoyl peroxide, cade oil, chloramphenicol, chlorbutanol, corticosteroids, crotamiton, dermatol, dithranol, phenol, coal tar, resorcine, titanium dioxide, urea, vioform, vitamin A, vitamin A acid, zinc oxide, sulphur.
Not compatible with strong acids such as salicylic acid and ionised compounds like diphenhydramine HCl and purine bases such as caffeine, theophylline, theobromine.

Watery transparent gel, characteristic carbomerum odour. Prepared in a vacuum, almost entirely free of air bubbles. Viscosity can be increased by the addition of a little base or lowered by the addition of a little acid.

pH between 6 and 8, measured at 1/10 diluted with freshly boiled water.

Methylparaben and propylparaben

Content: 1 KG

CNK: 1762-665

Shelf life: 36M

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