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Pannoc NV was founded in 1978, after industry chemist Guido Spaas had developed a new medicament against acne, Pangel. In contrary to other anti-acne products who were based on alcohol, Pangel was composed on water basis. Thanks to its watery composition, Pangel was much less aggressive for skin treatments. The well-known German group Schering was heavily interested in this product and eventually bought a license for Pangel, which meant the definitive beginning of the company.Pannoc NV started its operations in Bilzen. Soon, the company moved to Herentals. In 1988 Pannoc established itself definitely in Olen, a town about 40 kilometers from Antwerp.

Today 15 people, added with temporary forces, guarantee the production, development and the selling of high quality products.

Quality is primary. Your skin is our concern!

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