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“The perfect product at a great price/quality ratio”. With that motto in mind, Pannoc has been manufacturing and distributing end products for many years. In order to guarantee the excellent quality, we subject our products to a number of strict quality checks:

  • Fulfilling Belgian raw materials legislation:
    Pannoc registers all the raw materials it utilises with the Ministry of Public Health. This can be done be either submitting a monograph from an official pharmacopoeia, or Pannoc can compose a monograph itself if the substance is not listed in an official pharmacopoeia. As soon as the registration is approved, Pannoc NV receives a permit number, which is stated on all packaging. This unique legislation does not apply in any other nation in the European Union and guarantees the optimal quality of the Belgian raw materials. It ensures that the pharmacist no longer has to undertake an analysis of the raw materials; he merely has to update the permit numbers in a register.
  • GMP guidelines:
    The production, packaging and quality control of the preparations are performed in accordance with the applicable GMP requirements. GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices) are official, international guidelines for the production of medicines. It is within this framework that Pannoc NV is regularly checked by the authorities.
  • In-house quality control:
    Aside from the registration of all raw materials with the Ministry of Public Health and adhering to the GMP guidelines, Pannoc NV also undertakes additional checks of its end products. The products must satisfy the quality requirements described in various pharmacopoeias or our own monographs, which are compiled in accordance with the requirements of the raw materials decree.

This entails:

  • Analysis of the raw materials:
    This is done through either the European or another official pharmacopeia. Aside from analysis of each delivery of all raw materials, we also verify the identity of each individual container.
  • Analysis of the end product:
    • pH, viscosity:
      • First check (undertaken in the Pannoc laboratory) 
    • Analysis of the identity of all raw materials:
      • All raw materials present in the end product
      • Analysis in the Pannoc laboratory employing thin layer chromatography
    • Microbiological checks:
      • Analysis of the total bacterial count and specific microorganisms in accordance with the European pharmacopoeia
      • Analysis in our own microbiological laboratory
      • PET tests (Preservative Efficacy Test) in collaboration with an external laboratory
      • Assay of the preservatives:
        • Analysis by means of HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography)

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