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Mission and ambition

Mission and ambition

Pannoc NV is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development, manufacture, packaging and sale of medicines, medical excipients and cosmetics in the form of creams, salves, gels, lotions and solutions.

Pannoc NV believes that its most important task is to create added value through the development of dermatological products for external use. Using raw materials, which have already passed through the screening and toxicological investigation stages, we further develop them with respect to specific niches. As a result the R&D success rate increases while the accompanying costs decrease.

Our ambition is to turn the company into a “centre of excellence of dermatology & topicals”. Pannoc NV has exclusive ownership over a number of products. These are mostly unique products that are protected by patents, know-how, legal permits or marketing concepts. Quality and flexibility are paramount to us, and act as insurance for our future. Our production equipment is what is commonly known as GMP-approved (Good Manufacturing Practices). In other words, it satisfies the strict guidelines pertaining to good manufacturing that are imposed by the EEC and EHO, and permits the sale of medicines internationally.


  • To be a niche player
  • Selling high-quality products
  • That we have, preferably, developed ourselves

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