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Water-based vaseline with Sorbitansesquioleate TMF (AVA) - 1 KG

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Water-based vaseline with Sorbitansesquioleate TMF is identical to the formula of the former AVA cream.

Mostly used as a greasy cream for skin protection and hydration

A frequently used prescription is + 5 % ureum or + 2 % Natriumchloride or a combination of both as some kind of super-moisturiser, so, a greasy cream for dry skin.
1 % salicylic acid can be added as a keratolytic. Furthermore also corticosteroids, etc.

Replaces Coldcream

The great advantage is that this greasy formula contains only four components. Moreover, they are not, or only slightly sensitising.
It is easy to prepare, so a constant quality can be guaranteed.
For dry skin, greasy creams are often preferred because of their covering and humectant properties.


Sorbic acid

Beige, greasy cream


Emulsion type:
Water-in-oil emulsion

pH-value between 3.5 and 5.5

Pot of 1 kg with safety lid

Content: 1 KG

CNK: 1762-632

Shelf life: 24M

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