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Lanae alcoholum unguentum aquosum Pannoc - 1 KG

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Lanae Alcoholum Unguentum Aquosum Pannoc (formerly: Paneucerine cum aqua) is a greasy ointment, composed of half water and half grease. Prescriptions with this ointment base are reimbursed to the patient.

Lanae Alcoholum Unguentum Aquosum Pannoc has all the properties of a greasy ointment. The only preservative added is sorbic acid. Lanae Alcoholum Unguentum Aquosum Pannoc can be blended with several substances. Lanae Alcoholum Unguentum Aquosum Pannoc is also described in the DAB (Deutsche Arzneibuch, the German Pharmacopoeia).

Lanae Alcoholum Unguentum Pannoc DAB is, along with Lanae alcoholum unguentum aquosum, the only ointment on the Belgian market allowed to contain Beiersdorf’s lanolin Eucerinum®. For this purpose, Pannoc NV was chosen by Beiersdorf as a privileged partner.

Beiersdorf’s Eucerinum® is considered worldwide as the most thoroughly studied and most used lanolin brand. It is also the one with the highest purity degree, which indicates its allergy potential. Eucerin is widely used in international cosmetology. In Germany this component is still the most commonly used greasy ointment on the market.

- Hard to wash off the skin with water

- Apparent pH-value: 3.0 - 5.0

Emulsion type:
Water-in-oil emulsion

White, smooth, greasy and homogeneous cream

CNK VRAC: 589143

Content: 1 KG

CNK: 2086-361

Shelf life: 24M

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