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Pannoc Bath oil - 5 L

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Bath Oil intensively protects, nourishes and softens dry skin.

-      Ideal for the nourishment of dry skin that is raw, chapped,
       crusting or flaking (for children and adults)
-      Especially recommended as a follow-up treatment for atopic
       eczema, psoriasis, ichtyosis and pruritus senilis.


-      The unique combination of refined arachis oil (40%),
       mineral oil (23%) and PCL (10%) protects the natural skin
       barrier from dehydration and restores it. Refined arachis oil,
       which is very similar to the body's own skin oils, will replenish
       the skin with those oils it is deficient in. Mineral oil covers the
       epidermis so that a protective lipid film retains the skin's
       moisture, while PCL guarantees an optimal imitation of the
       physiological sebum layer and retains the moisture in the
       epidermis, resulting in a dramatic improvement of skin
       condition. A characteristic property of PCL is the “Branch Chained
       Molecular Structure”. This means it is permeable (it is porous for
       gasses) and hydrophobic (it seals in moisture). As an
       anti-oxidant, Vitamin E reinforces the cell membranes and acts
       as a moisturiser, so that your skin will feel soft and supple. The
       natural Bisabolol  (0.2%) has a mild inflammation-inhibiting
       effect, providing the skin with an extra restorative and calming
-      Bonds homogenously with the bath water (does not foam).
-      High tolerance.
-      Hypoallergenic perfume. Does not contain colorants or soap.

Content: 5 L

CNK: 2586-956

Shelf life: 24 months

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