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Proctolub - 30 ml

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Proctolub Gel sooths, softens, protects and provides a comfortable feeling after application to the anal region.

Suitable for treating irritation suffered from haemorrhoids – copious and frequent defecation – itchiness – saddle sores – reaction to textiles.

Can be used as a post-treatment after local corticotherapy.

Can also be employed as a lubricant.

-  water-based
-  free of grease (contains no oil or silicone)
-  does not dehydrate
-  does not stain
-  soluble in water
-  can be easily washed off
-  colourless
-  odourless
-  neutral pH 6-7 (does not irritate the glands)
-  safe to use with an excellent tolerance level

Directions for use: External use. Apply to cleaned skin as needed.

Content: 30 ml

CNK: 1658-020

Shelf life: 36M

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