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Topiderm Shower oil - 200 ml

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Topiderm Shower oil protects, nourishes and actively, softens dry skin.


  • Ideal for mild cleansing of dry skin that feels rough to the touch and may present cracks, scabs or flakes (children and adults).
  • Especially recommended for skin discomfort caused by dryness.


  • The unique combination of refined peanut oil (25%), paraffin oil (22%) and PCL (10%) reduces dehydration. Refined peanut oil closely resembles the body's own lipids. Paraffin oil has a protective effect. PCL guarantees an optimal physiological imitation of the sebaceous oil glands and conditions the skin. A specific property of PCL is the "Branch Chained Molecular Structure". This means permeability (= breathable) and hydrophobic (= seals in moisture). Topiderm® Shower oil is enriched with soothing Panthenol and protective Vitamin E.
  • High tolerance
  • Contains no colouring agents or soap.


For external use only. For daily care. Moisten the skin with lukewarm water and then apply the shower oil evenly and massage gently. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply on open wounds or mucous membranes.Topiderm Shower Oil cleanses, soothes and softens dry skin intensively.

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Content: 200 ml

CNK: 2452-753

Shelf life: 24M

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